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Tailored web solutions

SIMTANDA is a web development company based in Denmark and lead by Hans Simtanda Caspersen. Our team is composed of various freelancer specialists, so we are ready to help you safely to your goal no matter what projects you want solved.


SIMTANDA offers clients web development spanning from Web Design, Google AdWords, Google AdSense to SEO - SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and social media marketing! Our particular focus is on websites, e-commerce and online marketing. If you need a stable and quality-conscious web agency for your next web project contact SIMTANDA.


Why you should choose SIMTANDA

With us you get the help and sparring that you need. Based on your situation, we are ready to assist you during concept development, implementation and finally optimization. Our diversified experience allows us to create unique web solutions for you and we are pleased to show you our abilities.


As a web agency in Copenhagen, we are ready to be your preferred supplier of web solutions. Are you interested in hearing about what options you have with a web agency like ours? Book a meeting with SIMTANDA. We look forward to helping you.