!Bscalo! (Look It Up!): A Quick Reference Guide to Spanish Grammar and Usage

!Bscalo! (Look It Up!): A Quick Reference Guide to Spanish Grammar and Usage

"A novel approach—very useful for quick reference."—Mark Goldin Associate Professor of Spanish, George Mason University

"Very user-friendly and easy-to-find information. Alphabetical order is an innovation in comparison to other grammar guides on the market. I would recommend this guide to students of all levels."—Keith Mason, Spanish instructor, New Providence High School.

"The explanations are to be praised for their clarity."—Judith Nemethy, Director of Spanish Language Studies, New York University

!Buscalo! (Look It Up!) gives you remarkably quick, concise, and reliable answers to common problems of grammar and usage. Unlike most guides to Spanish grammar, !Buscalo!'s easy-to-use alphabetical format allows you to go directly to the entry that addresses your specific question. Over 500 entries cover everything from meaning, use, and grammar to precision, punctuation, and sentence structure. Cross-referenced in English and Spanish, with a helpful pronunciation guide and explanations of grammatical terms, !Buscalo! is a unique one-stop reference that is perfect for both casual and serious students.

Guillermo Campos
Author Bio:

WILLIAM M. CLARKSON, Ph.D., and GUILLERMO CAMPOS are professors of Spanish at San Antonio College and coauthors of Aquí nomás: Spanish for Spanish Speakers.

Guillermo Campos, William M. Clarkson, Guillermo Campos
Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
April 1998
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